VIDEO: 2017 Appraisal Institute President’s Message

JAAppraisal Institute 2017 President Jim Amorin, MAI, SRA, AI-GRS, outlines the organization’s plans for advancing the valuation profession in AI’s latest video.

In the next year, the Appraisal Institute will continue to implement its three-year strategic plan, which sets the parameters for the organization’s key decisions and outlines five core values: Distinctiveness, Innovation, Professional Responsibility, Advocacy and Leadership.

The Appraisal Institute also will continue to be involved internationally to recruit new professionals, provide Appraisal Institute education and designate those seeking Appraisal Institute credentials.

Appraisal Institute leaders will advocate on behalf of the profession to discourage over-regulation, modernize appraisal oversight, improve enforcement and quality and support principles-based standards.

Finally, the Appraisal Institute will work to bring new individuals into the valuation profession. The organization will focus on the benefits of the profession, including:

  • flexibility in work hours;
  • the potential for high income;
  • the satisfaction of solving difficult problems;
  • low start-up costs; and
  • the opportunity to run one’s own business.

Watch the video below or on YouTube!