2018 Appraisal Institute President’s Message

Murrett StillThe Appraisal Institute’s latest video features 2018 President James L. Murrett, MAI, SRA, outlining the organization’s top priorities for the year.

AI serves as the global valuation profession’s thought leader and will seek to advance the profession in four ways:

Modernize Regulation. The Appraisal Institute will continue to work to remove the redundant red tape and out-of-touch regulations that burden appraisers across the country. AI has testified before Congress on these issues and will continue to advocate for a modernized regulatory structure.

Halt Appraisal Waivers. AI is concerned that Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae are allowing appraisal alternatives, especially when related to appraisal waivers being issued for first purchase loans. AI has been active in expressing these concerns and leading the charge to curb this dangerous practice.

Recruit New Appraisers. In an effort to curb the national appraiser shortage, AI continues to support an updated regulatory structure that will remove roadblocks and reduce barriers to entry to the profession.

Aid Residential Appraisers. AI focuses a majority of its lobbying efforts in Washington and state capitals on the needs of residential appraisers, including efforts to keep appraisal thresholds for residential properties at their current level.

As valuation professionals kick off 2018, the Appraisal Institute continues to be hard at work on their behalf.

Watch the video below to learn more about the Appraisal Institute’s 2018 goals.