4 Social Media Tips for Appraisers

Appraisers who already participate in the social media space know the benefits for their business. But, how about those who haven’t started, or want to expand their current efforts?

Beyond standard posting and sharing, there are numerous ways social media can help enhance the reputation of an appraisal business. Here are four easy ways appraisers can successfully build, or expand, their social media efforts:

Checklist TwitterChoose wisely. Almost 70 percent of Americans are on social media, which presents a great opportunity for appraisers to reach key target audiences such as current and prospective clients. However, it’s important to pick the right channel(s). LinkedIn could be best for some businesses, while Facebook or Twitter might be more beneficial for others, or perhaps a combination of social networks. Like any other marketing or advertising activity, a business needs to be mindful of the image it projects on social media, and work consistently to ensure meaningful connections with key individuals.

Get a social media management tool. Social media management systems are easy-to-use and helpful tools for appraisers who spend a lot of time away from the office. Systems like Hootsuite allow users to schedule posts to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other platforms in advance. Hootsuite might be the best known option, but there are others that provide similar offerings. And don’t forget about analytics, so social media efforts can be tracked to help determine effectiveness.

Use images. Written social media content can be informative, but including images in posts is likely to improve engagement, and help followers better remember the message. Of course, those images need to be sized properly and relate to the post. In other words, pictures and text together make a great combination.

Share thoughtfully. Nearly 90 percent of all companies engage in content marketing, but how does a business know if it’s being done right? The key is sharing information that is valuable to the audience and that makes them view the content producer as an important resource.

Social media is an excellent way for appraisers to connect with their target audiences, but like any other business decision, it needs to be handled logically and professionally. Perhaps more than ever, creating and maintaining a quality social presence is relatively easy, and it can be done without taking valuation professionals away from their core responsibilities.