4 Timely Landscaping Tips for Homeowners

Landscaping Improvements blogLandscaping projects are popular at this time of year among many homeowners … especially those who enjoy hosting summer activities and gatherings.

Landscaping improvements can be a beneficial investment when reselling a home as well. But improvements to landscaping don’t have to be costly. Whether a homeowner is completely renovating their landscaping or just changing a few plants, it’s important to know how to make changes that are most likely to generate a return on investment.

Here are four tips to make landscaping easier and budget-friendly for homeowners:

  • Consider using drought tolerant plants. Summer heat can damage plants. Homeowners may not be able to water their plants as often as needed, which can create issues for a yard. Choose plants that are tolerant of low-water conditions.
  • Develop a form for the property’s landscaping. Forms provide architectural interest, enclose areas, and help divide space.
  • Use the proper fertilizer on the lawn to help it grow thick and full. Knowing when and where to apply fertilizer to a lawn will help ensure that it stays healthy year-round.
  • Flower beds are an easy way to add color and interest to landscaping. Flower beds can go anywhere on the lawn and offer endless options for creativity.

Homeowners can learn more about landscaping improvements by contacting a Designated Member of the Appraisal Institute using the organization’s Find an Appraiser directory.

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