4 Tips to Effectively Market an Appraisal Practice

During the course of an average day, appraisers focus on developing credible, reliable opinions of value for their clients. But in order to keep their business moving in the right direction, it’s important for valuation professionals to develop a marketing plan.

Build relationships. Consistently networking with current and prospective clients is very important, and appraisers should ensure that they are regularly interacting with their key contacts. Creating and maintaining solid professional relationships is the secret to successful marketing.Checklist

Listen to client feedback. Research shows that businesses that gather customer feedback are more successful than those that don’t. Listening to positive and negative feedback can impact a company’s bottom line and tell businesses what their clients are really thinking.

Engage on social media. Think Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn won’t do anything to help an appraisal practice? Certain that mobile technology can’t help a company grow? Think again. Valuation professionals can use social media channels and mobile technology to market themselves, land clients and showcase their expertise.

Maximize your website. Creating and maintaining an informative, easy-to-navigate website can provide key benefits to appraisers who are looking to stand out in the crowded marketplace. Having a user-friendly website is no longer an option; it’s a competitive necessity.

Even for those business owners who understand the importance of marketing, cost is likely to be a key consideration. While there are many ways to market an appraisal practice, appraisers should look for ways to stretch the company’s marketing budget.

Whether appraisers have been in business for a few years or several decades, there are resources available that can help owners find a variety of marketing strategies.

What marketing tactics have proven effective for your business? Share your tips and “opinions of value.”