5 Ways Homeowners Can Prepare for an Appraisal

Preparing for a real estate appraisal shouldn’t be stressful for a homeowner. But whether the property is being refinanced or sold, understanding how to get ready for an appraiser’s visit is essential.Home_calculator

The appraisal is one of the most important parts of refinancing or selling a home because it shows the lender what the property is likely worth.

Although factors such as geographic location and sale prices of neighboring homes may be out of homeowners’ control, there are steps those individuals can take to help showcase their property to the appraiser in a more favorable light.

Here are five tips to help homeowners prepare for an appraisal:

  • Be present. Work with your real estate agent to schedule the appraisal at a mutually convenient time. Answer any questions the appraiser might have about the home. But don’t follow the appraiser from room to room or talk to them the whole time. Let them do their job.
  • Tidy up. Make sure every room in the house is clean and free of clutter so the appraiser can clearly see and document all essential information.
  • Focus on curb appeal. Make sure that the property’s landscaping looks good. The appraiser’s first impression could be their last impression, so make sure the outside of the home looks neat.
  • Take out the tool box. Make repairs and fixes before the appraiser arrives. This could include repairing leaky faucets and faulty light switches, while also ensuring that the water heater and furnace are in good working order. A new coat of paint can help as well.
  • Discuss recent upgrades. Inform the appraiser of any significant improvements that have been made since buying the home. Make sure to document any upgrades and the dates those improvements were completed.

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