AI Leads on Issues Impacting Valuation Professionals

The Appraisal Institute invests significant time and effort surrounding banking regulatory relief and maintaining appraisal thresholds. That’s the subject of the On Point column in Valuation magazine’s second quarter 2018 issue.shutterstock_138129788

The column from AI President James L. Murrett, MAI, SRA, discusses how the organization advocates for AI professionals and appraisers around the country. This spring, the Appraisal Institute successfully worked with bill sponsors and the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs to revise language to alleviate concerns related to rural residential appraisals. Murrett also addresses how AI helped convince key federal agencies earlier this year to maintain the threshold for one- to four-unit single-family residential loans and owner-occupied commercial real estate loans.

Read On Point to learn more about AI’s advocacy on these important issues, and explore the other timely content in Valuation magazine’s second quarter 2018 issue.