How Could the GSEs Appraisal Waiver Program Impact Valuation Professionals?

Will Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac’s plans to waive appraisals for certain loan purchase and refinance transactions lead to a “race to the bottom?” That’s the topic of the On Point column in Valuation magazine’s first quarter 2018 issue.

The column from AI President James L. Murrett, MAI, SRA, questions whether competition between Fannie and Freddie for market share see them engaging in an “arms race” in which they perform minimal due diligence. Murrett also wondered if the government-sponsored enterprises would compete in a “race to the bottom,” and what that would mean for taxpayers who would be on the hook while the GSEs remain under conservatorship.


Read On Point to learn more about AI’s actions on this important issue, and check out the other content in Valuation magazine’s first quarter 2018 issue.