How Might Transportation Changes Reshape Valuation?

Innovations in transportation, like electric cars and “on demand” options, could significantly impact the valuation of real estate in the future, according to an article in Valuation magazine’s third quarter 2017 issue.

The magazine’s cover story, “Driving Change,” discusses how new technologies and transportation options could present challenges and opportunities to appraisers.


These may include:

  • valuing apartments and commercial properties with less parking due to fewer cars,
  • the greater desirability for residential properties near commuter lines, and
  • garages marketed as space for storage, not vehicles.

Read “Driving Change,” in Valuation magazine’s third quarter 2017 issue.


  1. Eric says

    Appraisals are becoming a Joke. You charge huge amounts for your opinions. You can put four of you in the same room and still have four different values that are far apart. Low Budget Palm Readers are more accurate.