VIDEO: Appraisal Institute Announces International Valuation Conference Keynoter

StillIn the Appraisal Institute’s latest video, 2017 AI President Jim Amorin, MAI, SRA, AI-GRS, shares details about the keynote speaker and provides travel tips for this year’s International Valuation Conference. The conference will be co-hosted with the Appraisal Institute of Canada and will take place June 8 – 11 in Ottawa, Ontario. [Read more…]

VIDEO: Enhance Your Career with an Appraisal Institute Designation

Receiving an Appraisal Institute designation places appraisers in a unique group of professionals who go above and beyond the minimum requirements in their field, say three AI Designed Members.

Appearing in a video released by the Appraisal Institute, Michelle A. Alexander, MAI; Karl P. Finkelstein MAI; and Frank J. Lucco, SRA, share how receiving AI designations have benefitted their careers. Those benefits include:

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Hotel Rooms Available for International Valuation Conference

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If you’re planning to attend the International Valuation Conference, now is a great time to make your travel arrangements!

Hotel Rooms Available for International Valuation Conference

Hotel rooms are available at properties surrounding the Shaw Centre, site of the 2017 International Valuation Conference, being held June 8-11 in Ottawa, Ontario.

Early bird registration closes April 18, so register today. Get the best available rate, and book your room at one of the hotels where AI and the Appraisal Institute of Canada have negotiated room rates.

If your passport expires before December 8, be sure to renew it today. Average time for a response is six weeks, so apply now. And don’t forget to contact your mobile carrier to ensure that your phone will work in Canada.

Learn more about the International Valuation Conference and register.

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VIDEO: 2017 International Valuation Conference Registration is Now Open

RegistrationAppraisal Institute 2017 President Jim Amorin, MAI, SRA, AI-GRS, announces that registration for this year’s 2017 International Valuation Conference (IVC) is now open in the Appraisal Institute’s latest video. The conference will take place June 8 – 11 in Ottawa, Ontario.

The Appraisal Institute and the Appraisal Institute of Canada are co-hosting an annual conference for the first time in 13 years. Valuation professionals wishing to attend can register at the Appraisal Institute website: [Read more…]

New ‘Yellow Book’ Now Available

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I hope that you’re off to a good start in the new year!

If you’ve been waiting for the new “Yellow Book” to become available, I have some exciting news to share.

New ‘Yellow Book’ Now Available

A new version of the Uniform Appraisal Standards for Federal Land Acquisitions, commonly known as the “Yellow Book,” is available. The “Yellow Book” is promulgated by the Interagency Land Acquisition Conference for use by all agencies for federal land acquisitions.

Download a free copy of the document.

Additionally, the Appraisal Institute is scheduled to debut a new version of its Uniform Appraisal Standards for Federal Land Acquisitions: Professional Applications course in April in Chicago. There also is a recorded webinar available, Yellow Book Changes – Overview for Appraisers.

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VIDEO: Appraisal Institute Media Coverage Seen by Nearly 900 Million Between July and December

srThe latest video from the Appraisal Institute highlights media coverage featuring AI and its professionals in the last six months of 2016.

AI and its Designated Members were featured in more than 650 news stories in 383 different media outlets across the country, garnering nearly 900 million views, for a publicity value of nearly $1.3 million. [Read more…]

VIDEO: 2017 Appraisal Institute President’s Message

JAAppraisal Institute 2017 President Jim Amorin, MAI, SRA, AI-GRS, outlines the organization’s plans for advancing the valuation profession in AI’s latest video.

In the next year, the Appraisal Institute will continue to implement its three-year strategic plan, which sets the parameters for the organization’s key decisions and outlines five core values: Distinctiveness, Innovation, Professional Responsibility, Advocacy and Leadership.

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AI Premieres Latest Review Designation Course


I hope you’re enjoying the holiday season and that 2016 was a successful year for you! This year has been both exciting and challenging for the valuation profession, and the Appraisal Institute has been busy on your behalf.

If you’ve thought about pursuing an Appraisal Institute review designation, or have been waiting for the latest education offering, I’m pleased to share with you some exciting news.

AI Premieres Latest Review Designation Course

Review Case Studies – Residential, which is the newest offering in AI’s review designation education line-up, premiered December 12-13 in Chicago.

Attendees who take the Review Case Studies – Residential course will apply the review process learned in Review Theory Residential by walking through a case study that focuses on a two-stage review assignment.

Learn more about the course and check the schedule for future offerings.

AI to Offer ‘Yellow Book’ Webinar

The Appraisal Institute will host a webinar, “2016 Yellow Book Changes – Overview for Appraisers,” in early 2017.

This program will provide an overview of the major changes to the 2016 version of the Uniform Appraisal Standards for Federal Land Acquisitions, commonly known as the Yellow Book. The program will provide an initial analysis of major issues and considerations that appraisers performing Yellow Book assignments should pay particular attention to, such as issues relating to “Larger Parcel,” market analysis and highest and best use.

The program will include a Q&A session for appraisers to understand the full context of the changes. Registration will open soon.

Other News Around AI

And here’s some additional important news from the Appraisal Institute:

Finally, I want to thank you, again, for the opportunity to serve as your 2016 president. I have had the opportunity to personally meet or speak directly with many of you, and have enjoyed the feedback, constructive ideas and thoughts for our organization’s direction. I believe that the Appraisal Institute’s future is very bright as we move into our 85th year of service to membership, the profession and the public. We have so many opportunities in front of us, and I look forward to assisting in their pursuit.

I wish each of you a happy holiday season and look forward to continued service as your immediate past president next year under the leadership of 2017 President Jim Amorin MAI, SRA, AI-GRS, and the rest of the Board of Directors.

Sincerest wishes for a Happy New Year!

5 Misconceptions about Appraisals and Appraisers

While some real estate professionals and consumers might have a good understanding about appraisals and valuation professionals, some common misconceptions do exist.


Myth: Assessed value should equate to market value.

Reality: While most states support the concept that assessed value approximate estimated market value, this often is not the case. Examples include when interior remodeling has occurred and the assessor is unaware of the improvements, or when properties in the vicinity have not been reassessed for an extended period.

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Video: Appraisal Institute Enhances International Outreach Efforts

The Appraisal Institute’s reputation as an international thought leader for the valuation profession continues to grow, says AI President Scott UntitledRobinson, MAI, SRA, AI-GRS, in the association’s latest video. Designated Members live and work in nearly 60 countries on six continents.

The numerous ways in which the Appraisal Institute, its elected officers and others work with and influence international valuation professionals include:

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