4 Reasons to Hire an Appraiser Trainee

Appraisers who take on trainees can experience numerous benefits, including enhancing earning opportunities, saving time, learning new skills and planning for the future.

Enhance Earning Potential

Although it costs money to hire a trainee, doing so could allow appraisers to spend more time meeting with prospective clients and marketing the business. In other words, if a trainee can be in the office taking care of certain tasks, the appraiser should have more time to network and focus on bringing in new business. And when appraisers land new clients, they have a trainee to help them do the work.

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The Value of the SRA Designation


By Woody R. Fincham, SRA, AI-RRS

As co-chair of the Appraisal Institute’s Residential Appraiser Project Team, I’m often asked why residential appraisers should pursue AI’s SRA designation. Does it really help generate assignments, I’m asked?

I can tell you emphatically that there is great value in the SRA designation. Here’s just one story of how it’s helped my career.

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4 Updates to AI’s Residential Green and Energy Efficient Addendum


By Sandra K. Adomatis, SRA, LEED Green Associate

The AI Reports® Residential Green and Energy Efficient Addendum has a new look and enhancements that make it more useful in the real estate industry. As building science changes the way homes are built, the Addendum also must change to remain relevant.

The appraisal form 1004 used by the mortgage industry does not address the current building methods or terms, and the use of the Addendum empowers appraisers to meet the appraisal standards in describing the property type and relevant characteristics.

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Deadline Approaching for Annual Conference Proposal Submissions

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If you’re planning to submit a presentation proposal for AI’s 2018 Annual Conference, this is your last opportunity! Learn more about that and other important updates during the past month.

Here’s Your Last Chance to Speak at the AI Annual Conference

The Appraisal Institute is seeking proposals by Dec. 1 ­– just one week away – for presentations at the organization’s 2018 Annual Conference, July 30-Aug. 1, in Nashville, Tennessee. The conference theme is “Setting the Stage for Success.” Attendees of previous AI Annual Conferences said they were particularly interested in these topics:

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Warm Up to Winterization Projects and Keep the Cold Away

house in winterThe temperature is dropping and some areas of the U.S. already have seen snowfall, but it’s not too late for consumers to prepare their home for winter and potentially enhance their property’s value.

One easy way to save money and maintain comfort in the property is to address drafts. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, $200 to $400 of annual energy expenses could be lost to drafts, air leaks or outdated heating and cooling systems. Consumers should seal any air leaks and insulate old doors and windows to save money this winter. [Read more…]

7 Unexpected Considerations in Relocation Appraisals

guest-blogger-banner-1By Frank J. Lucco, SRA

When a relocation appraisal professional is asked to offer an opinion of anticipated sales price, the task can be daunting. Specialized training, education and experience typically are key ingredients when generating a credible opinion of value.

Forecasting involves not only the usual consideration of trends, comparable sales and current competitive listings, but also the nuances of the subject property, the neighborhood and the market area in which the property is located.

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Video: How Appraisal Institute Designations Can Expand Careers

Appraisal Institute designations can take careers to new levels, expanding them into different areas of the valuation profession, say three AI Designated Members.

In a video released by the organization, David W. Binz, SRA; Ron D. DeVries, MAI, SRA; and Benjamin R. Sellers, MAI, discuss the different ways their careers have been enhanced through their designations, including:

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Career Opportunity: Rural Markets

guest-blogger-banner-1By Michael V. Tankersley, MAI, SRA, AI-RRS

My appraisal practice started in a small town in southern middle Tennessee. Like many people from small towns in rural America, I dreamed of doing big things. From an appraisal perspective, that meant complex assignments that were interesting and challenging. So I appraised local properties and looked forward to the day I could expand my practice into the Nashville metropolitan area.

A few years went by, and I pursued the SRA and the MAI designations because I saw that I needed stronger skills to compete in the Nashville metro market. As my career progressed, I realized that I had been missing a big opportunity. The greatest opportunity for growth was not in the highly competitive metropolitan areas, but in the rural markets where I was already located.

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AI Asks Congress to Limit VA Third-party Inspections

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The Appraisal Institute is continuing its proactive advocacy efforts in Washington on behalf of AI professionals. Learn more about that and other important updates during the past month.

AI Asks Congress to Limit VA Third-party Inspections

The Appraisal Institute on Oct. 10 called on the House Veterans Affairs Committee Subcommittee on Economic Opportunity to support the use of appraiser trainees over non-appraiser property inspectors when U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs fee appraisers utilize third-party inspections.

AI urged that H.R. 3561 be clarified to establish that third-party inspections would only be permitted in rural areas.

Read AI’s letter.

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VIDEO: 2018 Annual Conference Call for Proposals

The Appraisal Institute is seeking submissions from individuals who wish to be a part of the valuation profession’s biggest event of the year.

Appraisal Institute Designated Members and others are invited to submit proposals for presentations or panel discussions to take place at the 2018 Annual Conference, July 30-Aug. 1, in Nashville, Tennessee.

Attendees of previous AI Annual Conferences said they were particularly interested in these topics:

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