Video: What Was Your Most Unusual Valuation Assignment?

In the Appraisal Institute’s latest video, four AI professionals share their most unusual valuation assignments. AI individuals provide valuation services around the world and are often tasked with providing opinions of value for interesting properties in out-of-the-ordinary places. [Read more…]

Video: Appraisal Institute Providing Solutions for Today and Tomorrow

The Appraisal Institute has worked for more than 80 years to support its professionals worldwide. The Institute now proudly serves nearly 21,000 professionals in almost 60 countries who hold an allegiance to the highest standards of practice and adhere to a strict code of ethics and conduct.

Video_StillIn addition to serving its professionals, AI is the world’s largest publisher of appraisal literature and the global leader in appraisal education. [Read more…]

Appraisal Institute Discusses 2015 Priorities in Latest YouTube Video

President M. Lance Coyle, MAI, SRA, discusses the Appraisal Institute’s goals and priorities for 2015 to grow the organization’s role as a leader in the valuation profession. Among the goals outlined in the video are:

[Read more…]

Why Join the Appraisal Institute?

In the Appraisal Institute’s latest video, the organization invited Jim Murrett, MAI, SRA, to talk about the value of earning his Appraisal Institute designations and how his career has benefited as a result.

AI: Why did you become a Designated member of the Appraisal Institute?

JM: I decided to pursue my MAI and SRA designations so that I could operate at the top level of the valuation profession. At that time, I needed to differentiate myself from my peers. I’m also a strong supporter of the Appraisal Institute’s stringent requirements for its Designated members. It really is about increasing the professionalism of appraisers.

AI: How have you benefited from being a Designated member of the Appraisal Institute?ai_designations1

JM: My career began in the appraisal department of a financial institution. I knew that to be promoted to a senior position with that bank, or any other, I needed to earn the MAI designation. I did, and ultimately was named chief appraiser for a national financial institution.

Recently, I joined a full service national fee appraisal company as their director of appraisal standards. Part of the job requirements was that the individual have an MAI designation from the Appraisal Institute. Having the designation indicates to our company’s clients that my education and experience have exceeded the requirements for state certification.

Having the MAI and SRA designations have given me the experience and opportunity to become a trusted and reliable source for others in the valuation profession. [Read more…]