Interested in Contributing to Opinions of Value?

Opinions of Value, the Appraisal Institute’s blog, is seeking AI professionals, as well as other members of the real estate valuation profession and related fields to submit articles and blog topic ideas that are timely and relevant to appraisers.

Opinions of Value is interested in the following types of posts:

How-to posts: Submit detailed posts that clearly outline how to do something; temblog_contributor_ideasplates, checklists and step-by-step approaches work well.

Examples include:

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Appraisal Institute Blog Wins International Award

hermesgoldwinnerAppraisal Institute’s blog, “Opinions of Value,” was honored May 1 with a Hermes Creative Award from the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals. The blog received a Gold Award for the corporate blog category for interactive, electronic and social media. About 19 percent of the contest’s more than 5,600 entries won the Gold Award for excellence in the marketing and communications industry.

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Current Appraisal Institute Efforts to Have Broad Impact on Valuation Profession

blog_presidentheadersA number of exciting initiatives are under way at the Appraisal Institute that will impact both members and the valuation profession at large.

Candidate Signup is Coming

The Candidate for Designation program will take effect Jan. 1, 2013, and all current State Certified Associate members (or equivalent) can sign up beginning June 1. Webinars have been held for chapter leaders, and a webinar for all members will be scheduled in the coming weeks. This is an ideal time for nonmembers to take that next step in their careers and join the Appraisal Institute.

Click here to learn more about the Candidate for Designation program, and to download the recorded webinar.

Candidates for Designation will receive:

  • Dedicated advisors to help them on the journey to designation,
  • Program support from local chapters and
  • Structured timelines with milestones to help keep Candidates on track.

Emails, postcards and other communications with all the information needed to sign up will be coming soon. [Read more…]

The AI Blog: Opinions of Value

The Appraisal Institute is pleased to announce the launch of our blog, Opinions of Value. Whether it’s the appraiser perspective on a legislative or regulatory issue, enhanced discussion about recent industry media coverage, or thoughts from AI leaders about upcoming trends, we hope that our readers always will find value in the opinions, perspective and information that we’ll share.

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