5 Tips to Elevate A Company’s Social Media Outreach

Appraisers, like those in many other professions, have learned that social media is now a must-have for conducting business. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other platforms offer valuation professionals the opportunity to engage their target audiences, brand their companies and potentially develop reputations as experts.

laptopBeyond basic posting and linking, there are many ways social media can help increase the effectiveness of an organization’s online presence. Here are five simple ways appraisers can enhance their social media sites:

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How Social Media Can Boost Your Appraisal Business

Active involvement in social media is a competitive necessity. Engaging in social media involvement allows appraisers to consistently interact – in a relevant, timeTwitterly way – with their current and prospective clients.

Setting up social media pages is easy. Simply log onto a site like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn and follow the steps to create a company page. Consider the target audience when posting social twittermedia content; make sure it appeals to the intended demographic. This will encourage a dialogue between the company/organization and its followers/fans. [Read more…]

Five Social Media Tips for Valuation Companies

For companies in the valuation profession, having active involvement with one or more social media channels is no longer an option; it’s a necessity to remain competitive. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or a blog, social media allows for consistent and relevant interaction with customers and prospects.

The easy part for many appraisers is recognizing the need to get involved; the challenging part is setting priorities and engaging consistently. Here are some social media strategies for valuation-related companies to keep in mind.blog_image_2_23_12

Brand the company using social media.

Determine what the company’s brand is and what role social media will play before beginning or continuing to post on sites, and strategize social media posts accordingly.

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