Video: How Appraisal Institute Designations Can Expand Careers

Appraisal Institute designations can take careers to new levels, expanding them into different areas of the valuation profession, say three AI Designated Members.

In a video released by the organization, David W. Binz, SRA; Ron D. DeVries, MAI, SRA; and Benjamin R. Sellers, MAI, discuss the different ways their careers have been enhanced through their designations, including:

  • Access to a wider client base that may not be available to non-designated individuals;
  • Recognition of a higher level of expertise that is valued by clients;
  • Access to cutting-edge education;
  • Networking with peers at national and international levels; and
  • Opportunities to expand careers into areas such as serving as an expert witness.

Learn about these, and other, potentially career-enhancing benefits by watching the video:

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